Industrial Experience

Hunt Engineering has highly qualified consulting engineers who understand what it takes to provide heavy duty engineering for critical processes and large equipment. We will work closely with your plant or process engineers to provide the support you need for engineered design, construction documents and construction support. Hunt Engineering will schedule work or be on site any time day or night to accommodate your process or schedule. The examples below list some key projects we have designed.

Romac Foundry Sultan Washington:

Hunt Engineering designed the feeder replacement for a 6 phase transformer used to operate one of the electric furnaces which melt the recycled steel. Because of the large amount of power Hunt Engineering utilized the Neher McGrath equation to calculate the allowed amperage for the multiple feeders in the cable tray.

2mW Stand-by Power Plant:

Hunt Engineering provided full design services to upgrade the essential power system to 4,000 amps. A significant part of this project was replacing a 600 kw generator with a 2mW generator on the roof of this existing lab facility. The project included reinforcing existing columns located in an active plant area. The columns had minimal access and were located in areas with no tolerance for dust. Reconstruction of the structural platform on the roof, and modifications to the acoustical panel system shielding the equipment were all part of this project.

Composite Lab dust and fume control:

With the increased use of composites in yacht construction in facilities like Westport Yachts, occupational training centers are providing comprehensive programs in the area of composites. Hunt Engineering designed the various industrial systems for North Olympic Skills Center’s composites program. These systems included: Vented dust collection at fixed shop equipment, clean air booth (CAB) for working with portable power tools, paint booth, vented fume tables, compressed air systems and ventilation systems.

Port of Seattle HVAC expansion:

This project was industrial in many aspects: Large diameter ductwork; Required air flow that could only be shut off for a few hours, which required major temporary connections and re-routes from other systems; A high degree of coordination with existing conditions; Specific routing constraints which required accurate design drawings.

8 Megawatt Stand-By Power Plant:

Providing stand-by power with closed transition this facility can seamlessly switch between utility power and generator power. Twin 4 mW power plants provide 8 mW of stand-by 480 volt. The two power plants are connected with a tie bus. A 12,470 medium voltage private owned power distribution system feeds the system. The generator plant consists of four 2 mw generators and two separate 10,000 gallon above ground fuel storage tanks.