Professional Services

The responsibility for a quality project to be successfully delivered is enormous. Considering the many costs of a project, Hard, Soft, and indirect costs of potential impacts to operations, the engineering costs are relatively small. Yet, they highly influence the final product. The duration of facility and infrastructure projects, can be measured in months and years. Consider these factors when you select a consulting engineer for your project team.

Hunt Engineering has a solid history of successful projects and a high level of repeat clients. Trust Hunt Engineering to be on your team, and you will receive the benefit of our experience, innovation and quality work. Hunt Engineering works as an owner’s consulting engineer, as a sub-consultant to your architect of choice or as a prime consultant bringing the entire design team to your project. From site reviews and feasibility studies, through design, permitting, bid and construction administration we provide services for the full cycle of your project.



Structured Cable Systems, Communications, and Low Voltage Systems:
The best time to think about all the special systems for a building is when the building is being designed and not when it is almost completed in construction. Having these systems designed in advance addresses key issues like cable management, space for head end equipment and coordination with the other construction trades. Hunt Engineering has a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) who is both are well qualified in the many special systems that may be required for your facility. These systems include: Structured Cable Systems (fiber and copper), Fire Alarm, Security and CCTV, Intercom, Nurse Call, cable TV systems and custom monitoring and control systems.

With a quality consultant working with you, you will be successful in your communications system design. For more information about our Engineers Click Here.

For Data Centers, Cable Headends and Telco Facilities Click Here.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering encompasses the hidden world behind the walls, floors and ceilings that most people take for granted. There are many key items in a good power system design. Some noteworthy items include future capacity, power distribution equipment, power quality, surge suppression, and metering. For lighting systems key items include: fixture aesthetics, light distribution, control/switching, contrast, life of lamp and lamp/ballast and color rendering index. We work closely with our clients to meet their design needs and to make smart design decisions for flexibility and future growth. In addition to many years of practical experience in the design of these systems, Hunt Engineering also uses the latest software packages. For power system analysis we use SKM software including circuit breaker coordination, short circuit studies and arc flash hazard studies. Central system UPS equipment, Stationary Standby Generator Systems and DC power plant designs are used for critical facilities and we have extensive experience in these areas Click Here.

With a quality consultant working with you, you will be successful in your electrical system design. For more information about our Engineers Click Here.

Mechanical Engineering

The environments that we live and work in have a tremendous impact on our health, productivity and quality of life. Hunt Engineering recommends that you evaluate your HVAC design with these key concepts in mind.

There are a multitude of different mechanical systems available. The best system for your new or existing building is based on a number of variables and will be best selected after careful consideration. Hunt Engineering has the professional skills and software to evaluate different HVAC systems in regards to energy usage and can provide detailed building modeling. We also have experienced staff that can explain the differences in mechanical systems and how one or another might be better suited to your needs.

We also specialize in precision and redundant cooling systems for critical facilities Click Here.

With a quality consultant working with you, you will be successful in your mechanical system design. For more information about our Engineers Click Here.

Plumbing and Process Piping

Plumbing Systems, Industrial Refrigeration and Process Piping:
Piping systems are often under valued and not given much respect until the process comes to a sudden stop…

Hunt Engineering provides quality plumbing engineering for domestic water, drainage, waste, vent and gas piping systems for facilities. In addition to typical commercial plumbing systems, Hunt Engineering has expertise in the following areas: medical gas systems; compressed air; ammonia, glycol and other refrigerant based systems used in the food and beverage industries; fuel piping systems; process piping for pulp and paper industry; exhaust piping; grease waste; chemical resistant waste; and all aspects of wineries.

Wineries employ many of the industrial systems we list above, plus stainless steel Transfer and Must lines. Wine lines in particular require careful attention to design detail in order to avoid air entrainment and meet stringent sanitary conditions, which are mandatory for protecting this sensitive product. Chris Hillman with our office is a specialist in the mechanical systems for wineries.

With knowledgeable and quality consultants working with you, you can have confidence your process piping system design will meet the product requirements and the safety concerns of operating personnel. For more information about our

Engineers Click Here.