Food Service

Food Service Experience

Hunt Engineering has designed the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in many different restaurants and food service applications. We understand the many challenges that need to be solved by the mechanical and electrical systems for these facilities. We are well experienced in new designs, renovations and maintenance upgrades. Hunt Engineering works closely with owners, architects and food service consultants to provide successful infrastructure designs for lasting and durable solutions.

Notable food service projects in the Seattle area that Hunt Engineering has provided consulting and engineering services for:

SODO Kitchen (Starbucks Headquarters, Seattle), New TI; Architect: Mesher|Shing|McNutt

The SODO Kitchen is a new kind of restaurant that focuses on environmentally sound sourcing policies and partnering top chefs with local farmers. It services the Starbucks Corporate offices and is located in the Starbucks Center. Hunt Engineering provided engineered drawings for systems to support this 10,000 square foot restaurant located in this historical 2,100,000 square foot building originally built in 1912. (project date 2011)

Wolfgang Puck (at SeaTac Airport), New TI; Architect: Stricker, Cato, Murphy

Wolfgang Puck is well known for their fine dining and fresh food. Their 4,000 SF location at SeaTac is located on Concourse C by gate 8, and seats 160. This express service restaurant has a pizza oven and display cookline where the preparation of the food is just across the counter. Hunt Engineering provided full mechanical and electrical engineering for this facility. We also designed utility routing and connections beyond the lease line into the Port of Seattle infrastructure.

Cutters Bayhouse Restaurant (Historic Pike Place Market, Seattle), Major Renovation; Owner: Restaurants Unlimited

Located at the edge of the historic Pike Place Market in Seattle, Cutter’s Bayhouse is a premium 10,000 square foot restaurant. Hunt Engineering worked closely with the Landlord and tenant to accomplish major maintenance upgrades while minimizing the impact of the work on the existing facilities. We furnished prime consultant services with mechanical & electrical engineering services to replace the Type I exhaust system and provide a new, dedicated, hydronic central plant for the restaurant. The exhaust system replacement involved 70 feet of vertical shaft through multiple floors, welded type 1 duct work and horizontal offsets to multiple grease hoods. HVAC central plant revisions included removing the restaurant from the central building system and designing a dedicated central plant for the existing water source heat pumps in the restaurant. (2009, 2010)

Beecher’s Cheese (At SeaTac Airport), New TI; Owner Beecher’s Cheese:

A Seattle original, Beecher’s artisan cheese kitchen is located in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Beecher’s opened a Deli and Cheese shop at on Concourse C at Seatac airport. Hunt Engineering furnished mechanical & electrical engineering design services for this 1,200 s.f. restaurant/deli at SeaTac airport. (2012)

Dupus Boomer’s Restaurant (Washington State University), New TI; Architect: Mesher|Shing|McNutt

A new $3,500,000, 8,000 s.f., 320 seat, full service, 2 cook-line restaurant/bar/coffee bar/fish & chips bar located in the Compton Union Building at WSU. The engineered design included: type I exhaust system with exhaust duct sumps; type II (vapor & heat) and environmental exhaust systems; natural gas piping; 360 degree display fireplace; grease waste drains with local grease traps and a 24-zone lighting dimming system. Design challenges included working in a concrete building with very limited headroom, multiple duct systems including extensive type I ductwork and an extremely aggressive schedule. (2009)

Starbucks (Bellevue Square) and SeaTac Food Court: Architect: Stricker, Cato, Murphy

Each of these two separate projects show-cased Starbucks attention to detail and quality. The Bellevue project was designed with the “Hear Music” concept where you could create you own CDs while enjoying your favorite Starbuck’s treats. The SeaTac Starbucks, located in the main food court in the central terminal is a large Kiosk and becomes an element of it own in the large open atrium with high glass walls. Hunt Engineering provided mechanical and electrical engineering on these two stores which each had significant challenges that we successfully addressed.

SeaTac North Satellite Food Court, Major Renovation; Owner: HMS Host

The North Satellite Food Court provides the concessions for this portion of the airport. From fast food to traditional meals the four different restaurants offer a wide variety. Working with 3 architectural firms, Hunt Engineering provided full service mechanical and electrical engineering for the complete renovation of two spaces & partial renovations of the remaining spaces. Project scope included: Type I exhaust with UV grease hoods; type II (vapor & heat) exhaust; routing type I & II exhaust ductwork on the roof (100’ + duct runs); coordinating the HVAC system design to provide for 3 different HVAC loads connected by a common back-of-house space; project phasing to coordinate construction of each project while adjacent spaces remained operational and upgrading the grease-waste plumbing to stainless steel piping. (2005-2007).

Big Foot Lounge (SeaTac Airport), New TI; Architect: the design Collective

This Iconic full service restaurant and bar located at SeaTac is themed around the legend of Big Foot, making a fun atmosphere for dining or relaxing. Hunt Engineering provided complete mechanical and electrical design services for this 1,750 S.F. facility. (2008)