Data Centers

Data Center/Telecomm Experience

Data Centers, Cable Headends and Central Office technical spaces present a challenging environment of critical equipment supporting very high value functions. The equipment in these spaces is supported by mechanical, electrical, communications, monitoring and fire protection/detection systems. These systems are highly redundant and supported by generators, UPS systems and/or DC battery plants. A completed facility contains a highly complex concentration of mechanical and electrical systems that are interdependent on each other and must provide highly reliable support for an ever changing 24/7 environment of critical computer equipment.

Hunt Engineering is specialized in these types of facilities. John Hunt PE, RCDD has designed over 100 data center type projects. In addition to his experience, John has professional licenses in mechanical and electrical engineering and is an active BICSI member holding an RCDD license. The investment is high for these facilities. Whether it is for mechanical or electrical system upgrades, building additions, or a completely new facility, Hunt Engineering’s experience and engineered solutions will be a valuable asset to you for your current needs, for your maintenance needs and for the expansion and growth that will be part of your facility.

Past and current clients include national cable, wireless, and telephone companies. Regional clients include: Hospital, Radiology Centers, Enterprise and Co-location data centers; along with City, Police and School District data centers. We support Critical Operations Power Systems and the associated design requirements. Contact Hunt Engineering for more information.